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Amministrazione S.r.l.

Service companies to support corporate activities, specialized in the various administrative functions
Amministrazione S.r.l.

Amministrazione S.r.l.

An operational and functional support for your needs

We are a service company to support business activities, specialized in various administrative functions.

We offer Business Administration and Support Services.

Administrative services

Administrative services

Effective services for your company

We provide an effective administrative service, draw up balance sheets in general budgets, supplementary notes and management reports. Using our services also means being able to outsource all or part of both administrative and office functions.

The service allows you to optimise your internal labour costs, also in terms of quality and quantity

For performing this service, we make use of specific professional skills and an industrial partner able to provide customised IT support that can be adapted to both your software systems and the customer’s needs.

Below is a detailed list of all Administrative Consulting Services for your company and basic functions that you can use:


  • Real-time accounting processing, benefiting from the most modern automation systems;
  • Constantly updated schedule of customers and suppliers;
  • Constant monitoring of banks and credit facilities;
  • Possibility of sending automated invoices to your customers (e-mail or paper with enveloping and mailing);
  • Possibility of domiciling the sending of supplier invoices with Amministrazione;
  • Reminder of outstanding claims to customers via e-mail/fax/certified e-mail/letter/telephone;
  • Non-performing loan management and out-of-court credit collection activities;
  • Payment order file preparation and possible forwarding on Remote Banking systems;
  • Preparation of credit transfer proposal to be sent to suppliers on deadlines (to be confirmed by the customer);
  • Dedicated e-mail address for accounting and customer billing assistance (invoice copies, etc.); Management and archive service for e-mail correspondence concerning administration and accounting;
  • Automatic import and accounting of invoices issued by the company;
  • Document filing system;
  • Management of ordinary and periodic invoicing on behalf of companies or professionals (from providing operational support to issuing and sending the document on behalf of the customer), particularly suitable for service sector operators, professionals, the non-profit sector, leases, property, insurance and tertiary management, such as: gardening, surveillance, cleaning, hosting, web, etc.;
  • Customised data processing for statistics, management analysis, etc .;
  • Balance sheets, situations, processing and periodic management reports;
  • Identification of main business areas and recording of costs and revenues by order and/or cost centres;
  • Preparation of accounting entries for closure of the balance sheet and income statement for the period, calculation and recognition of taxes, calculation of indices;
  • Transition of annual and consolidated financial statements to international accounting standards (IAS, IFRS);
  • Deletion of elimination of inter-company and consolidation reports, preparation of budget file;
  • Communication and VAT declaration, Modello Unico (Unified Tax Return), IMU (Municipal Property Tax) Declaration, Tax
  • Consolidation, registration of contracts with the Revenue Agency;
  • Contract management and invoicing between Italian and foreign subsidiaries;
  • Analysis and preparation of documentation related to the group, relationships between companies and the prices charged with respect to normal market values;
  • Optimisation of the operating and management system for complete automation of data and reports;
  • Preparation of procedures with the various business areas in order to monitor and optimise compatible data flows, purchasing procedures, use of company cars, expense reports, use of company assets, communication between the various company areas;
  • Assistance during quarterly audits and budget reports;
  • Personnel management, attendance control, analysis of recruitment contracts, assistance for tax and social security benefits, preparation of recruitment and termination letters, communications to INPS and INAIL authorities and employment centres, payroll processing, employee tax returns, Mod. 730 (simplified income tax return);
  • Sending and/or consulting of constantly updated data via e-mail and/or web – in this way, you will have the possibility to view remotely your expiring documents (active and passive), the schedule and a summary prospective financial statement for cash flow analysis;
  • Operational support to companies for carrying out activities within the administration, finance and control function in an efficient, organised, timely and professional manner;
  • Recording of active and passive invoices, general accounting, personnel administration, reconciliation and recording of bank statements, asset and inventory management, stock accounting, bookkeeping, VAT settlement, F24, professional compensation certifications, 770, Black List, Intrastat, declarations of intent for habitual exporters, VAT credit management, optical filing of documents.
We help our Clients to run their business effectively and efficiently
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Business Support

Business Support

An operational and functional support

The goal?

Obtain the maximum coordination between the control system, the organisational structure and the development of processes in order to maximise the company’s results.

Offers flexible and agile solutions, for greater effectiveness and efficiency in the administration, finance and control function. Our group of specialists benefits from first-rate training in the fields of law and economics, thus ensuring the highest level of assistance.

  • We study the organisational structure of the company and the variables that impact management in detail.
  • We define and organise the company’s cost and profit centres.
  • We identify the most suitable Business Organisation Model for the company.
  • We constantly support the company on business processes for improving efficiency and optimising workflows.
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